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Nutrition transformation & Cooking Program


Change isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.  Let us walk you through your journey step-by-step.


one year to total transformation

What is The Common Sense Transformation?

Grounded in the belief that God is the master of renewal, restoration, and transformation, the CST is a year-long online program that guides you in rebuilding your health, reviving your vitality, discovering newfound joy in eating and cooking, and mastering the skills of the kitchen.

In a nutshell:

  • A 12-month virtual coaching and lifestyle transformation program
  • A 12-month course in foundational to advanced cooking skills (be totally competent and confident in the kitchen – never fear a recipe again!)
  • An intentional habit change program that builds from foundational habits to the habits necessary to maintain your lifestyle through all of life’s seasons
  • A year walking hand-in-hand with two certified instructors with a combine 4 decades of industry experience as your guides and coaches
  • A progressive and sustainable approach to permanently changing behavior and mindset
  • Grounded in Truth, the program takes a COMMON SENSE approach to nutrition
  • A community of support
  • Includes an optional small group guide, The Common Table, allowing you to share in your journey of transformation with friends

what you get

100% Online

All of the program is completed online or in the accompanying textbook and workbook.  You have the freedom to set your own schedule for the program and can access your personal dashboard at any time.  Each week includes three check-in days.  (And don’t worry – we designed this for busy people.  No day will take you too long to complete!)

Transformation Habits

The transformation habits are the backbone of the program.  We walk you through each of these habits one at a time, allowing for two weeks for each to become a permanent part of your lifestyle.  This patient, timely approach to lifestyle transformation is essential to achieving lifelong change.

Cooking Course

One day each week is dedicated to Cooking with Carol, a complete education in foundational to advanced cooking skills.  Whether you’re a kitchen novice or experienced cook, Carol has valuable information and tips to help you master the kitchen.

Nutrition Education

One day each week is dedicated to covering nutrition or mindset education.  It’s true – the more you know the more you do.  Our goal is for you to complete this program feeling confident in your understanding of nutrition and behavior change to go forth and conquer all that life can throw at you.

The Common Table

Available as a free optional program add-on, The Common Table is a companion to the core coursework and is intended to lead small group discussions.  Share in your journey of transformation and gather around The Common Table.

Community of Support

When you enroll in the CST, you’ll not only be getting two guides for your journey, you’ll also be joining a global community of support.  Here you’ll find encouragement and helpful information from others participating in the program, as well as CST administrators.

This program is for you if you can say yes to any of the following:
  • You struggle with weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight
  • You experience anxiety over food or your body
  • You experience obsessive thoughts or behaviors regarding food or your body
  • You are confused about what is considered good to eat
  • You struggle with permanently changing habits or behaviors
  • You lack confidence and knowledge in the kitchen
  • You depend on food industry products or restaurants for most of your meals
  • You are confused by the mass of conflicting diet information
  • You want a simple, proven, no-nonsense approach to nutrition
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Renew your mind. Transform your life.


How is this different from a diet?

A diet is a structured and restrictive way of eating and is a temporary endeavor.  The structure and restriction can apply to many things, like quantity of calories or individual macronutrients or to food groups altogether.  Diets can also dictate times to eat and times to eat certain types of food.  Diets ask that you play by someone else’s rules.  Diets often result in quick, temporary weight loss.  Statistics show that 98% of dieters regain the weight after the conclusion of the diet.  Diets also have detrimental mental and emotional impact on the dieter.

We are the anti-diet.  The purpose of this program is to renew your mind, to guide you in hitting the “reset” button on how you think and the habits that determine your life’s course.  We teach slow, steady lasting change instead of quick and temporary.  We focus on the renewal of the mind and teaching you the skills you need in order to sustain your transformation for a lifetime.  Weight loss (lasting, not temporary) is not the focus of our program but will likely be a side effect of regaining your vitality, learning our transformation habits and finding freedom from the mental and emotional prison of the diet culture.

What do you mean by "renew your mind?"

The apostle Paul talks about achieving transformation through the renewing of the mind (Romans 12:2).  In the context of the program, renewing the mind refers to learning a new way to think and therefore act.

We take a multi-faceted approach to renewing the mind:

  • Learning to identify and take captive the thoughts that are influenced by the diet culture.  These could be urges to be overly restrictive in eating, urges to try the newest diet craze, or even anxious/negative thoughts about eating, food or your body.
  • Learning all that we know about nutritional science as it applies to your transformation.  We teach you what foods the body is designed to consume, what foods the food industry has introduced that are wrecking your metabolism and health, and so much more.
  • Learning to love the art and stewardship of preparing meals by hand.  We teach you every skill you could need in order to feel confident in the kitchen.
  • Learning a sustainable, wholesome, disciplined and balanced approach to nutritional lifestyle.

What can I expect from the cooking class?

The cooking class begins with foundational skills and knowledge and progresses through more advanced techniques and practices.  Our year-long cooking course concludes by teaching you how to plan, prep and prepare a meal for a large gathering.

Each cooking class comes with a textbook entry for your reference and a video to guide you through the lesson of the day.  Lessons are quick and efficient.  We want you to be able to fully absorb all that we teach you.

How much time can I expect to spend on this each week?

Each week includes three days.

Day one will have a video and text component.  Videos will be no longer than 10 minutes long and average in the 5-7 minute range.  Text entries can be read in 15-20 minutes.  Some days include a reflection piece.  Time to complete this depends on the individual.

Day two is a cooking lesson.  It will also have a video and text component.  The text component reinforces the video content so you have it to reference later.  The videos will not be longer than 10 minutes on average (exceptions may apply in the final three weeks of the program where you will be learning how to plan and prepare a meal for a large gathering).

Day three is educational and will only be a text lesson.  Reading will take on average 15-20 minutes. Some days include a reflection piece.  Time to complete this depends on the individual.